Do I Need Prescription Drug Rehab?


If you take prescription drugs such as opiates or opioids for pain relief or anti-anxiety medications such as Xanax or Valium, there is a very great risk that you will become addicted. It’s very common for those who take prescription medications, even as prescribed, to become addicted despite their controlled use of the drugs.

Oftentimes, doctors prescribe medications that have a high potential for abuse and for causing physical tolerance without even educating the patient on the risks associated with taking the drug.

Addiction Specialist

If you find that you are taking prescription medications and cannot stop using them, you may need prescription drug rehab for help.

Prescription Drug Addiction Warning Signs

You may not recognize the warning signs at first but as the addiction sets in, the signs and symptoms of prescription addiction will likely become more prevalent. Some of the most common symptoms of prescription drug addiction that should alert you to the need for prescription drug rehab include:

  • Making an honest attempt to stop taking the medication but failing in your efforts to quit.
  • Stealing drugs, money or other items from friends, family members or others in order to fuel your habit.
  • Taking the medication in order to forgo withdrawal symptoms such as cold sweats, mood swings, or headaches.
  • Lying to a doctor to get more medication or using more than one doctor to ensure that you always have a supply of the prescription drug.
  • Using the medication despite the fact that you no longer have pain, anxiety or the condition for which the medication was originally prescribed.

How Prescription Drug Rehab Helps

If you’ve realized your addiction to prescription drugs and the subsequent need for help, then you’re already on the right track to getting well. Unfortunately, for many prescription drug addicts it takes more than just a decision to stop using in order to actually recovery. Prescription drug rehab can help you recover by providing you with the following treatment approaches:

  • Healthy meals and exercise programs to promote total wellness.
  • Counseling for past trauma or abuse.
  • Around-the-clock monitoring to prevent the use of drugs and to ensure the safety of the patient.
  • Detox that includes medical intervention and medications as needed to reduce withdrawal symptoms and calm cravings.
  • Therapy to assist with trust building, developing healthier relationships, overcoming compulsive behaviors or learning how to live sober.

If prescription addiction is a problem in your life, prescription drug rehab could be the life-changing, life-saving choice that makes all the difference. There are many treatment options available to assist those with all levels of prescription drug addiction from mild to moderate or severe. The best chance you have at getting well is to seek help!