Find a Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

Many questions come to mind when you first make the decision to seek help for a substance abuse problem. The decision to find a center for substance abuse treatment is already a difficult one to make and that’s before you clutter your mind with all of the details such as where to go for help, how long treatment will take, what type of treatment will be best and why you can’t go about recovery on your own. Additionally, you’ll likely consider the following factors before you even begin your hunt for a qualified center for substance abuse treatment:

Budget and Insurance Options

A major deciding factor when it comes to finding treatment for a substance abuse problem is often related to money. Treatment can be costly but there are also many sliding fee options and free programs available to assist those who cannot afford adequate treatment and care. Many substance abuse treatment centers also accept insurance and in some states, insurers are required to provide at least some coverage for substance abuse treatment.

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Should you find a center for substance abuse treatment that’s close to home or far away?

This decision is mostly up to your discretion but will likely depend on a few factors such as the type of treatment you choose, the involvement of your family members in your treatment and your own personal lifestyle. For some, choosing a substance abuse treatment facility that’s far from home is beneficial in creating the sense of a new life but for those who choose outpatient treatment, a local facility is most often preferred to keep treatment reasonably accessible.

Level of Patient Monitoring

Are you addicted to heroin, prescription pain medications, alcohol or another substance that causes you to suffer great withdrawal symptoms when you quit?

For more severe addictions and for those who have tried outpatient treatment in the past and been unsuccessful, a more significant level of patient monitoring may be necessary to ensure safety and to prevent relapse. An inpatient center for substance abuse treatment is often the preferred method of care for those who have a major physical dependence on a particular substance, which is commonly anything from alcohol to prescription drugs, as well as for those who are diagnosed with co-occurring disorders.

Length of Program

Finally, it’s important to take a look at the length of the treatment program before making any definitive decisions. Statistically, treatment programs that provide counseling and therapy for a period of at least 90 days are more effective than shorter-term programs. It’s important to consider your options up-front when you decide to find a center for substance abuse treatment and chances are there will be a number of programs available offering varied lengths of treatment. For a greater chance of success, choose a treatment program of at least 90 days and longer for more severe addiction cases. Speaking with a substance abuse professional can be a very important aspect in finding suitable care.