Signs an Addiction Specialist is Needed

When a person starts displaying several signs which indicate that there is an addiction either to a drug or to alcohol, these may be taken to signify that it is time to call in an addiction specialist. If these signs are ignored, then the addict may stand to fall further into addiction and the situation may worsen to the point of needing a more prolonged and expensive course of treatment.

When an individual’s ability to tolerate the use of a particular substance diminishes, it is yet another sign that an addiction specialist is needed. This happens when the abuser feels that he or she has to take a more and more of the same substance to feel the same effect and feelings as experienced before.

Other signs that an addiction specialist is needed occur whenever the patient tries to stop using the substance but ends up experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. This is indicative of a dire need for the services of an addiction specialist. This also means that the moment he or she starts receiving help, the patient will be well on his or her way to full and complete recovery.

Signs an Addiction Specialist is Needed

When patients who are addicted to drugs or alcohol fail to control their use of whatever substance is being abused, it’s an indicator that they should consult an addiction specialist and receive the help required to function normally again. It’s very difficult for people suffering from addiction to bring their use of an abused substance to manageable and controllable levels.

There are more signs that an addiction specialist is needed, especially when the person with the addiction problem focuses all his or her free time on satisfying the cravings for the abused substance. Social life and any free time is primarily focused on getting hold of and consuming the drug or alcohol of choice. When this happens, it’s clearly a sign that a specialist should be brought in because there is desperate need.

There are several other signs that outsiders can use as indicators to tell whether someone is addicted to a substance and needs to see an addiction specialist.

Substance Addiction Signs

  • Legal problems
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Changes in behavior
  • Excessive mood swings
  • Changes in energy levels
  • New and unexplained friends

There are several signs that on their own cannot tell much but when combined with others, a pattern begins to emerge indicating that most probably this person has an addiction problem. When these are put into context, they provide enough clear signs that an addiction specialist is needed.

An person who starts to spending money in ways that are inexplicable, who at times he or she seems to have plenty of money but at other times has no money at all and cannot give a clear answer as to how this money was earned or spent, can be safely taken as a sign that an addiction specialist is needed.

These signs have to be constantly and clearly observed for a correct interpretation to be made.